Consolidation and Migration of Legacy EI Infrastructure Components to a Common International SOA Target Architecture.

Manage the migration of international and local propositions and further the retirement of legacy EI infrastructure components and ESBs with full responsibility for planning, coordination and execution.

This encompasses an overarching release management and alignment with national companies in AT, CZ, DE, NL and the UK.
In total, 39 solutions are migrated with more than 50 systems directly affected and over 200 people involved.

Managing the decommissioning of app. 250 Tibco components alone yields direct OPEX savings in excess of 1.5 M€ per year.

Achievements include that at program closure time, the app. 1,100 productive service relationships deployed in this context cater for more than 50% of the target ESBs daily utilization.

Further consult with interface definitions and authoring of feasibility studies and detailed solution designs for many attached systems across the whole value chain (core network, provisioning, billing, CRM etc.).

Lastly, intensive mentoring of security measures and budget/roadmap planning.

Direct reporting to senior management (business sponsor on SVP level).




Program Manager, Senior Project Manager

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