Success Stories.

The most beautiful Tales relate to our Customers' Success.

Seit mehr als 10 Jahren haben wir in zahlreichen Projekten unsere Kunden zum Erfolg geführt -
ob unterstützend bei der Einführung neuer Technologielösungen
oder als Gewerknehmer in Ende-zu-Ende Verantwortung für das beauftragte Projekt.

Überzeugen Sie sich selbst mit einem ersten Eindruck von unseren bereits umgesetzten IT-Projekten.

E2E responsibility for service integration in a strategic ERP consolidation/extension program.

Manage international application integration in a strategic ERP consolidation and extension program which interconnects central SAP-based backends with local ERP/CRM/Billing applications etc. and B2B par...

Design & Implementation of a distributed IDS/IPS/Vulnerability Scanning/SIEM/Incident Event & Response Management platform.

Consult and implement a hybrid (appliance- and PaaS/SaaS-based) security offering comprised of IDS/IPS, Vulnerability Scanning, SIEM/Incident Event & Response Management capa...

Log Source Onboarding and SIEM Platform & Process Improvement.

Consult and steer onboarding of log sources and strategic infrastructure components to a central big data log management and SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) platform predominantly based on The Elastic Stack (ELK).


E2E responsibility for service integration in a strategic all-IP transformation program

Manage international application integration in a highly dynamic transformation program which aims at unifying APIs and capabilities in consolidated private cloud environments.

In particular, manage and exe...

Ensure technical and legal Compliance in a strategic Cloud Migration Project

Act as security and data protection bridgehead for a strategic cloud transformation initiative affecting a multinational, public enterprise.

The pilot project scope covers migrating a claims management application fro...

Authoring and automating a hardening guide for RedHat Enterprise Linux.

Gather security/compliancy requirements from various internal and external sources and distill these into a consistent hardening guide, including best practices and vendor guidance.

Assess the automization of system audits...

E2E-Verantwortung für den Roll-Out eines Enterprise Service Bus in verschiedene Landesgesellschaften.

Assume end-to-end responsibility for rolling out a complex ESB infrastructure into various affiliates (e.g. Greece,Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Romania) under the overarching umbrella of an inter...

Assessment of Systems Adherence to Corporate Security and Compliancy Standards.

Analyse compliancy levels of IT Systems with regards to network security, data protection/privacy and regulatory requirements.

Correlation of information from various sources (existing documentation sets, source co...

Management of Global Enablers and Integration Platforms Projects.

Manage various projects in the global enablers / Enterprise Integration area, such as migration of a strategic API Exposure platform from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to a corporate, on-premise Cloud environment, ensuring Cloud complia...

Management of Complex International Integration Projects and Solutions.

Manage a variety of international SOA projects with very diverse subject matters, e.g. from the Cloud Computing, eCommerce and payment areas.

This especially involves project managing the introduction and roll-out of a com...

Definition of a Group-wide SOA Security Architecture.

Design a transport-level security concept for an existing SOA infrastructure and ESB implementation, including a fine-grained authentication/authorization model and central governance by fully integrating with an existing service repository and...

Consolidation and Migration of Legacy EI Infrastructure Components to a Common International SOA Target Architecture.

Manage the migration of international and local propositions and further the retirement of legacy EI infrastructure components and ESBs with full responsibility for planning, coord...

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